Mandeville High School
After Prom Cruise

For our senior prom, my friends and I wanted to do something unique to
truly make our night a memory.  We were so excited when we were able to
book the "Le bon Temps Roule".  The entire night was a blast.  We made breakfast,
jammed out to music, and just enjoyed our trip up and down the river.  It was so serene 
and beautiful, and the stars were out in all their glory.  It was truly the best night of my life 
and now all of my junior friends want to rent it for next year!

Thank you again for our cruise!  We really had a fantastic time.  Let me know if you 
anything else and anytime you need someone to work, please call me.  I finish school in 
3 days and I'm available after that.

Ashley Miller

Ashley Miller & Roy Mossy

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