Le Bon Temps Roule Restoration

    Within two days of donation, and under her own power, the "Le Bon Temps Roule" was moved to dry dock. The vessel had not been out of the water for over seven years and was making over 300 gallons of water per hour. Five major worm infestations were found, each measuring approximately 3 inches in diameter. This damaged material was removed and plugged.  An area of bad planking was found on the port side abaft of the engine room, which was removed and replaced. The major damage was found in the lazzarette, consisting of frame and planking deterioration. This area was secured with copper sheathing, and will be addressed when the vessel is raised again.  The Cflex process is a strong possibility that would preserve the vessel for many additional years.  Shortly after moving the boat to Madisonville, friends from Halter Marine took on the task of preparing and painting the hull with Awlgrip 2000, a US Paint product. During the coating process all chrome rub rail was removed and replaced with flat stainless steel rails. All deck hardware is being systematically re-chromed as different areas of the boat are addressed.  In the Summer of 2000, the hull was Cflexed at Trinity Yachts, at their yard in New Orleans.

    The main engines have been rebuilt and engine throttle and clutch cabling have been replaced. Wiring has been installed for a Mathers electronic helm control unit allowing operation of the vessel remotely. This will greatly assist docking of the vessel. The vessel has three generators, which have been fully rehabilitated. All ship wiring was removed and replaced cabin by cabin. A large three phase central air conditioning unit and duct work were removed from the engine room. Smaller and more efficient units will be installed in each cabin. All sound suppression materials installed through the years have been removed from the engine room.  This removal has revealed a beaded overhead now freshly painted bright white. Five new automatic Lovett bilge pumps were installed in the vessel in addition to two large emergency pumps that have been rebuilt. All fire extinguishers have been tested and refilled. A large 80 gallon air compressor was installed as an air source to a new set of Kahlenberg, T-3, triple air horns and a large nostalgic steam whistle from the old Detla Pine Plant in Covington, Louisiana. New racor fuel filters have been installed on the main engines and generators.

    All amenities forward of the engine room have been completely removed. A ladder from the dog house (deck ventilator) down into the crew quarters was removed in past years and it is our intention to replace same. This forward area was steam cleaned and painted bright white prior to the installation of electrical, plumbing, and galley fabrication. A major focus is being placed on moving air through the vessel. Two large blowers are being installed under the forward deck seat to accomplish this task. This chamber will also house a large ventilator motor for the galley stove.

    The forward on deck salon was modified many times during the life of the vessel. The last configuration was an on deck cabin and bath. Three layers of flooring were removed from this cabin, revealing an original two inch teak deck, which is being refinished with a polyurethane product. Bar cabinetry was also fabricated and installed on the aft bulkhead housing entertainment equipment and a bar sink.

    The main salon, pilothouse, and aft cabins are in excellent condition and require minor modification. These areas will receive cosmetic changes, along with concealed air conditioning and electrical upgrades. A holding plate and compressor will be installed in an old ice box located in the main salon.

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