Winton Engines

    The "Gay Jane" was originally fitted with a pair of Winton gas engines.  Within a few years, Herbert Warden  refitted her with Winton diesels, model 179-6, producing 150 horsepower each at 850 RPM's.  Below is a featured page from a Winton engine installation manual where the "Gay Jane" is running strong under the ownership of Herbert W. Warden Sr.  This photo was introduced by Bernie Golias, a collector of Alexander Winton history.  In 1950, the original engines were removed and reassembled in the yard for continued use.  A pair of Gray Marine 671 naturally aspirated engines were installed at that time, which are in the boat this day.  To make up the difference in engine length, a 2 foot stub shaft and damper were installed between the new transmissions and the old coupling.  

Photo offered by Bernie Golias, Collector of Alexander Winton history

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