Half-Model of the "Gay Jane"

Half-Model photo offered by Merle McKinney, Pompano Beach Florida

    Prior to launching the "Gay Jane", Francis Edward Mathews carved a half-model of the newly constructed vessel for Captain Leroy Smith.  This half-model was later given to his close friend Buster Chadwick, who worked with Captain Leroy during the construction of the boat and the development of Cat Cay.  Buster kept this half-model on the wall of his marine surveyor office in Fort Lauderdale Florida until his death.  We were informed of the existence of this half-model by Jane Hartge, who was a writer for the Daytona Beach Journal in 1930 and a friend of both Captain Leroy and Buster Chadwick.  Jane was instrumental in locating Helen Chadwick, who has the historic half-model and photographed it for us.  The lines of the half-model are distinctly those of the "Gay Jane".   Thank you very much Helen for sharing the photograph with us!

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